Today is “Find Your Tribe” day!

Love this post from Steven Barnes!

Steven Barnes

Thursday is “Find your Tribe” day.

If you have connection with your own heart, genuinely love yourself, you will have a happy life. If you find one other human being to love and treasure, you have the most basic “Mastermind” level (one other person with whom to function in a spirit of perfect harmony).   These require you to forgive and understand your flaws: you have done the best you could with the resources you had.  So have we all.  Want better results?  Get better resources, either within you or from outside you.

Way to compensate for a lack of resources, talent, even intelligence is to create “Mastermind” partnerships with other people, adding ONE PERSON AT A TIME to your circle until you have the power you need to accomplish your goal.  Basically, the larger your goal, the more people you need in your circle.  Remember that every legal, ethical  dollar…

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